DIY loft conversions


DIY Loft Conversions


Convert your own loft with the help of
the experts


The recession is hitting people and business hard, while the manufacturing and labour market is struggling why not take advantage of the massive discounts on materials and labour.


With our DIY loft plans we can guide you through your loft conversions from start to finish with detailed drawings and weekly, bi-weekly or monthly site visits to meet your needs. We can offer and supply all materials and fixings at trade price. We also offer all timber, plasterboards, plaster and anything else you may need to complete your loft conversion at trade price.


Help from our tradesmen


Some aspect of your loft conversion need to be completed by tradesman such as electricians and plumbers. We can also help with any roofing work, such as installing velux windows and erecting of dormers. Any work that you need help with we will be happy to give you a price.


Do I need to use Roof-Space?


No, but with the wealth of experience Roof-Space has acquired over the last 30 year we can make your conversion run smoothly and avoid costly mistakes.


We will supply you with a comprehensive list of materials and fixings along with prices for them so you know where budget is. All materials and fixings will be delivered to site to suit your needs.


Call in the experts


If they is any advice needed on any part of the project, We are more than happy to help. If its over the phone or if a site visit is needed. We can also offer any of our tradesmen to help you, from joiners to hang doors or building a staircase, roofers for installing velux windows, or plasterers for finishing the job. Many of the jobs just need a extra hand and therefore if you are willing to labour on them you can save yourself the cost of a extra man saving you money. Of course doing your loft conversion maybe a weekend project therefore all our tradesmen work weekends too.


We will do the work you can’t manage


All electrical work must be completed to regulations when converting your loft. We would be more than happy to give you a quote and talk through you needs.


Steelwork can be hard to handle for most DIY’s. Therefore we can have our tradesmen there to install any steel if required.


If adding a bathroom to the new loft you may be happy with tiling and fixing the bathroom suit, but you may like our plumbers to come install the first fix as many of the new pipes are behind walls and under floors. Getting these wrong could be very costly in the long term.


If you are having a dormer we recommend that you try not to do this alone. We have completed many conversions where we have installed dormers and the inside has been completed by the customer. The dormer(s) will be completed and all outside work finished so they will be no need to step foot on the roof.

Many people have friends in the building trade, plumber, plasterers and electricians who are willing to work at ‘mate rates’. We are more than happy to work with them to help you run things smoothly. As they is nothing worst then pulling back work.