RoofSpace FAQ

Q. I have trust rafters, can my loft be converted?

A. Yes, we have converted many lofts with trust rafters over the years. We have a special system which does not require removing the roof or dropping your upstairs ceilings as many other companies do.

Q. Do I need planning permission for my loft conversion?

A. You may need planning permission if you choose to add a dormer to your property, although all loft conversions are subject to building control.

Q. Will I have to deal with the council?

A. No. We deal with all paperwork and all inspections by local authority building control, from submitting the plans to final inspection.

Q. What needs to be done when the conversion is complete?

A. All you need to do is decorate to your taste and fit the carpets, we take care of all lighting and any plumbing that may be required in your new loft.

Q. Would I only deal with ROOF-SPACE employees?

A. At ROOF-SPACE we have our own in-house NIC EIC trained electrician and Gas Safe registered plumber along with our own plasterer, joiners and roofers.

Q. What is the first step?

A. The first thing you need is a set of plans for building control/planning permission. ROOF-SPACE can take care of all of this with our in-house plan draw service, who will take care of all paperwork to the council up to the stage where building work can commence.

Q. Am I committed to ROOF-SPACE if they draw my plans?

A. No. Once your plans have been drawn we will issue you with the amount of copies you require as many people like to obtain many quotes. For this reason, your plans are billed for separate from your conversion. Many companies say plans are included in the overall price, this means you are committed to that company from the start or there will be a large charge for the plans to be used elsewhere.

Q. Can I look at other conversions you have completed in the past?

A. Yes. We recommend that you look at, at least one previous conversion and we will try and find a similar conversion to yours in your area that we have completed.